Oct.22-24 2021
Nanjing, China
Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


Prof. Peng Gu

School of Textiles Science and Technology, Jiangnan University

Research Area: 

1. Surface Plasmon Energy Transfer based on Gold Nanoparticles: Sensors, Spaser and Imaging.

2. Solar Energy and Energy Devices

3. Electrochemical catalysis

4. Wearable and flexible devices based on conductive yarn electrodes

Peng did his doctoral research at Photophysics Group, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, under the supervision of Prof Yu Chen and Prof David J.S. Birch. Supported by the RSC Research Mobility Fellowship, in Spring of 2015, he moved to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to carry out the study on plasmon controlled fluorescence under the supervision of Prof Catherine J. Murphy. His previous working experience includes Yangzhou University and Fudan University. His major research is about photo and/or electrochemical reactions and the physics behind, with potential applications in optical sensing, wearable clean energy devices and electrochemical catalysis. Since December 2018, he has joined Department of Light Chemical Engineering, Jiangnan University as an associate professor. He is a member of Royal Society of ChemistryChina Textile Engineering Society and Chinese Chemical Society, and servers as a peer reviewer of several scientific journals Advanced Functional Materials, Applied Energy, Journal of Physics series, Journal of Optics and Nanotechnology.


A.Prof.Jia Wen

Hunan University, China

Research Area:

Industrial consulting cases of suitability  assessment for irrigation water and contaminated soil  assessment

Dr. Jia Wen obtained her Ph.D. in soil science at the University of Adelaide in 2010. She served as Environmental Consultant in Arris Pty. Ltd., Australia, from 2010 to 2013. During this period, she worked on some major industrial consulting cases of suitability assessment for irrigation water and contaminated soil assessment. In 2013, she joined Hunan University as a full-time lecturer. She is the associate editor in the open-access journal Sustainable Environment (Taylor & Francis). She was awarded as the Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad by the Chinese Government in 2009 and Yuelu Scholar by Hunan University in 2020. She has published more than 30 research/conference papers in reputed journals, such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Environmental Pollution, Journal of Hazardous Materials, etc. Her research interests are functional materials for remediation of heavy metal pollution in water and soil systems.


Prof. Steivan Defilla

Tianjin University

Research Area: 

Sustainable urbanization

Steivan Defilla, Swiss national, visiting Professor of school of architecture, Tianjin University; President Assistant of APEC Sustainable Energy Center since 2018. Lead author of the “APEC Sustainable Urban Development Report - From Models to Results”. He is the former (2010 - 2016) Director of the Energy Charter, an intergovernmental energy organization with 50 Member states headquartered in Brussels. He managed the expansion of the Energy Charter to include 30 new observer states, among them China. He also supervised or co-authored 26 studies and analyses and 2 books on energy-related subjects. As Senior Energy Advisor to the Swiss Economics Minister (1999 - 2010) he contributed to the reform of the Swiss electricity sector, the Swiss infrastructure strategy and the Swiss foreign energy policy. He wrote a book prefaced by the Swiss Energy Minister and co-authored 13 articles in English, German, French and Russian languages. He also attended Governing Board meetings of the IEA and co-chaired multilateral negotiations at the Energy Charter.

Steivan holds a Master degree in Statistics and a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He also holds a Postgraduate degree on Energy from the Federal Polytechnic Institute Lausanne. Steivan is winner of a United World Colleges scholarship and is fluent in eight languages.

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